My first exploration: The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

The Background

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The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty started in 2004 as a world-wide marketing and public relations campaign to help women see their real beauty, inside and out.  The campaign included a series of advertisements, videos, workshops and events showcasing real beauty.  The main idea of Dove’s campaign was to teach girls and women of all ages to celebrate natural beauty, variations of body sizes and evoke self-confidence.   Basically, the campaign was created and designed to make us realize no one really looks like those size zero models in ads we are bombarded with every day and frankly, that is okay.

My View

I find this campaign fascinating.  Self-confidence and acceptance is a wide spread idea these days, but this was the first campaign of its time.  Dove took what we always hear, that you should love oneself inside and out, and actually created a giant, worldwide campaign on that idea.  The advertisements are real, true and inspiring.  Dove had a target audience, and I believe nailed it at reaching them.  Dove kept women of all ages in mind and targeted them through the implementation of the Campaign for Real Beauty.

What I Want to Learn

I want to explore the Campaign for Real Beauty, inside and out.  Most importantly, I will examine the differences between the implementation of the campaign in the U.S. in comparison to the U.K. I will be taking a look at the communication objectives of the campaign and best practices in cause-related public relations.  I want to also learn about the criticism of the campaign.  After doing research, I learned consumers and examiners of this campaign thought Unilever, the owner of the brand Dove, was inconsistent with messages.  I will get into the criticism in future posts.  I want to also explore body issues.  I know from growing up as a female myself, it’s hard to always remember inner beauty and how to accept your body.  Does the U.K. have this same dilemma in young girls?  I will be exploring this factor.

The Basics

Dove partnered with world-renowned public relations agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Edelman Public Relations and Harbinger Communications.  I am planning on comparing the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty here in the U.S. to the U.K.  I want to find out what the differences are, how the U.K. views body images and how successful the campaign was there.

I am greatly looking forward to researching this campaign and finding out more.  I think it is most important that I understand this campaign and the criticism.  I am looking forward to speaking with experts on this campaign and others who have done research on Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.


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