Conclusions in the U.S.

I have just a little over two weeks until the big trip to the U.K. I have finished my portion of my findings about the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty in the U.S. Soon, I will continue my findings in the U.K. to compare what I have already learned.

An Overview

After much secondary research and four interviews in the U.S., I was able to conclude my key findings and insights. I interviewed and concluded information about the objectives of the Dove Campaign, the best practices of cause-related PR campaigns, uncovered some insights about the criticism of the campaign, and learned about body issues in the U.S.

The Interviewees:

Laurence Lafforgue: Worked at Ogilvy & Mather and was responsible for the digital activation and implementation in several different countries of the Dove Campaign. Ms. Lafforgue talked to me about the objectives and best practices of the campaign.

Hector Hernandez: Media Planner at MindShare. He did some of the behind-the-scenes work on the Dove Campaign, like selling the Dove advertisements for TV and billboard spots. Mr. Hernandez told me more about Dove’s objectives, best practices, and also the criticism of the campaign.

Dove model Stacy Nadeau.
Photo credit:

Stacy Nadeau: Model on the campaign. Ms. Nadeau was happy to share with me her perspective of the campaign, objectives, and a model’s view on the criticism. (Pictured left).

Roxie Patton: LBGTQ program coordinator at Kent State and expert in body image issues. She taught me about the surprising statistics of these issues in the U.S. and told me an outsider’s thoughts on the Dove Campaign.

Surprises & Inspiration

I enjoyed immersing myself in this cause-related public relations campaign. I think learning and becoming an expert on the Dove Campaign will help me with future work in a non-profit agency. What surprised me about this campaign was how many people worked on. Through secondary research, I found tons of different people, positions, and companies that all worked to make this campaign a success. I am truly inspired by the Dove Campaign. Yes, this campaign was overall to better market and sell Dove products, but I am inspired by the way the company went about it. This campaign finally opened up the conversation about beauty between women of all shapes, sizes, looks and nationalities all over the world. This campaign is the first of its kind, and I believe has opened the doors for acceptance of natural beauty among women and will continue for years to come.

Across the Pond

Besides being incredibly excited to travel and see the U.K., I am thrilled to continue my research. In the U.K., my research objectives will stay the same. I want to learn about the communication objectives, best practices, and criticisms of the Dove Campaign. I also want to learn about this country’s perspective on beauty. Is there a high rate of eating disorders like in the U.S.? Does this country emphasize image and size as much? Does the advertising feature stick-thin models? I am most excited to compare and contrast these key findings to that of which I found in the U.S. I want to see how they are the same and how they differ. This will teach me the different implementations campaigns go through to target specific countries.

To help me find this information, I’ve asked the following to talk with:

Marshall Manson: Worked on the campaign, manager of digital at Edelman U.K.

Jackie Cooper: Global Chair of Creative at Edelman U.K.

Also, I am searching for someone with an expertise in body image in the U.K.

I cannot wait to update soon on my U.K. findings!


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