About Me

I am a communicator, an organizer and a pursuer of my dreams. I have big dreams.

My name is Shannen Laur, and I am junior public relations major at Kent State University, located in Kent, Ohio, known as “The Tree City” of the country. I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love all things Pittsburgh, including the Penguins, the hills and the accent I have (that little did I know I had before coming to Ohio.)

I came to Kent State to pursue a degree from the nationally renowned School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Originally, I was majoring in journalism with a concentration in magazines. After freshman year, I realized I wanted to pursue a career where I could constantly be meeting new people and companies and learn to help them. I have a strong interest in public relations because I believe it is storytelling. I get to meet and interview so many different people and tell their stories in my own words.

Upon graduation, I hope to get a job in a PR agency or non-profit. I also have a strong interest in event planning, and I hope to one day integrate that into my public relations work.  I would love to find a public relations job where I can travel the world and learn to implement plans in other cultures.

This blog is to showcase my area of expertise about the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.  In a class I am currently in, Global Advertising and PR, we had to narrow down a topic to study in the U.S.  In May, our class will be traveling to London to compare our areas of expertise to the U.K.  This is my first time traveling, and I am more than excited to compare the campaign and grow professionally and personally through this experience. I am exploring the communication objectives, the best practices, and the criticism of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

Thanks for reading! You can reach me at slaur@kent.edu.


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