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Traveling Deeper: An Expert View on the Campaign

I spoke with Laurence Lafforgue who worked at Ogilvy & Mathers in 2004 when the campaign began the implementation stage.  Lafforgue’s role in the campaign was to coordinate with local markets to bring the campaign to life.  Lafforgue shared with me interesting aspects that only an expert in the campaign would know.

photo credit: www.businessweek.com

Global Aspects
Lafforgue told me Dove implemented the Campaign for Real Beauty around the world.  Dove had to adapt to other cultures and work to localize the campaign in order to be successful.  She voiced that Dove created several different platforms for this campaign.  Different questions were posted online that women could connect and socialize about, like body image, aging, plastic surgery, among others.  Lafforgue shared with me that after evaluating women’s responses, it was clear that different countries around the world were concerned with different aspects.

Communication Objectives

Dove had many communication objectives in mind when creating the Campaign for Real Beauty.  Lafforgue shared with me some of those objectives, including representing itself in the top-beauty product player, position itself as offering something different (helping women realize there is no magic position but rather embrace what you have), enhancing natural beauty and ultimately the launch of new Dove products.

Through research, I found the Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove and Unilever all received a lot of heat for the campaign.  I read several articles and blog posts saying Dove was hypocritical and contradicting its owner, Unilever.  After reading further, I found Unilever is also the owner of other brands like Axe, which uses an immense amount of sex in its ads to sell products.  Lafforgue opened my mind to the view of the company and the enormous amount of https://i1.wp.com/img.izismile.com/img/img2/20090930/axe_ad_00.jpgpeople who worked to create and implement this campaign.  Lafforgue said that in general, brands have to understand we live in a transparent world where consumers have a view of your marketing and can provide feedback and express their opinions in real-time. This means that brands must be aware of the need to carry themselves with consistency in regards to what they stand for, and they have to be ready to answer to their customers and engage in a dialogue in real-time using social media among other things. Dove created a campaign to hep women realize inner beauty and that should not be compared to another brand’s messages.

My Thoughts
I cannot wait to learn even more about the Campaign for Real Beauty.  Speaking with Lafforgue was the kick-off to my path to becoming an expert on this campaign myself.  I am looking forward to speaking with more experts in this area as I continue to be enlightened about the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.