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First Impressions Last

After months of anticipation building daily, I am finally here in London. I am completely enthralled by the beauty, charm, and sights of this city.  London is definitely my kind of city.

A photo of Big Ben from my journey to Westminster.

A photo of Big Ben from my journey to Westminster.

After just three days, I have already seen so many amazing sights, as well as experienced endless bonding, laughs, and memories with my fellow classmates. It is truly a great opportunity to travel with fresh faces and new personalities from Global Ad & PR.

Reflecting from this past weekend, I have seen a lot of what London has to offer, and I cannot wait to see more. This city is huge and although I have already seen so much, I am definitely going to be busy over the next week and a half fitting everything else in. From Friday to Sunday, I was lucky enough to see Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London,  Piccadilly Circus, plus even more. I have enjoyed traveling on the Tube, speaking with local Londoners, eating fish and chips, and talking in my not-so-good British accent.

The iconic fish and chips from The Shakespeare located in Westminster.

The iconic meal of fish and chips from The Shakespeare located in Victoria.

From sightseeing, to spending time with my flatmates, my trip to London is something I will be talking about for a long time to come.  This experience is by far one of the greatest of my life and, I will be reminiscing about this city and trip for some time. I know the rest of my stay will continue to bring excitement, and I am ready to plan my next trip to the wonderful city of London.