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An Analysis Across the Pond

Now that I have been to London for nearly a week, it’s time to crack down on my area of expertise, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. I have already come to realize a few key differences through my research.

Key Differences 

First, the tactics implemented by the Dove Campaign in the U.S. differ with those implemented in the U.K. One main difference is the issues the campaign centered around depending on which country was being targeted. In the U.S., image, size, and looks were heavily emphasized. Though, on the U.K. side of the campaign, issues surrounding aging and appearing “old” were much more touched upon.

Experts to Help Me Get There

The interviews I plan to conduct while my stay in London are the following:

Gemma Webb– Marketing and Evaluation Manager for the Public Information and Outreach Service of the Houses of Parliament. I plan to talk to Ms. Webb about the process the Outreach Services goes through to target the public when dealing with cause-related campaigns.

Laurence Evans- President International at Edelman and was involved in writing the original plan for the Dove Campaign implementation in the U.K. I would like to hear what Mr. Evans included in the communication objectives and best practices were that were included in his original copy.

I am also searching for someone in London who has insight on body image issues. I think this would add powerfully to my area of expertise to compare with the research and interviews I concluded in the U.S. portion of insights.

Building Anticipation

I am more than ready to learn more and more about the Dove Campaign. I am ready to gain knowledge all about the differences about the campaign to compare in the U.S. with that of which I will find here in the U.K.